What to see in Karelia?
Every traveler ponders what to see in Petrozavodsk. “Frigate” hotel is conveniently located in close proximity to the main city attractions. In addition to the picturesque shore of Onega Lake, a 5-minute walk away are the Musical and National theaters, Kantele House and the Museum of Fine Arts.
Onega promenade
A few steps from the from the hotel, you can get to the embankment of Onega Lake, which is the main sight of the city. The main attraction of Petrozavodsk, the most beautiful, favorite, almost magical place for locals and visitors of the city alike. The lake promenade is full of different monuments that were given to Petrozavodsk as gifts from sister cities. This is a wonderful place for walking, romantic dates, meeting friends and delightful photo sessions.
Kizhi island
Go to the island of Kizhi, where the Kizhi Open Air Museum is located – the pearl of Karelia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stone's throw from the hotel is the pier, from which hydrofoils depart to Kizhi Island, where the world-famous open-air museum is located. The most famous Kizhi legend, known even by those who haven’t been in Kizhi, is connected with the carpenter Nestor, who built the pearl of the island-the wooden Church of Transfiguration without a single nail.
Kivach Waterfall
The most famous waterfall in Karelia, the 4th largest in Europe. Its height is 10.7 meters. The area of the reserve, on the territory of which the waterfall is located, reaches more than 10 thousand hectares, there is a Nature Museum and an arboretum. There are ecological trails on the territory. Location - 80 km from Petrozavodsk.
Art Square
A 5-minute walk from "Frigate" is Kirov Square – one of the central squares of the city.Almost all the buildings located along the perimeter of the square are historical. The current building of the Museum of Fine Arts is the former Olonets Male High School. Nearby is another building, built in 1858 - the former Women's Gymnasium, now the place of rehearsals of the ensemble "Kantele". The central building on the square now is the Musical Theater. Another remarkable building - National Theater of Karelia. Here is also located the Karelian Puppet Theater. Kirov Square is a place where important city events are traditionally held - holidays, concerts, performances, etc.
Museum of Fine Arts
In the historical center of Petrozavodsk, on the former Cathedral Square (now Kirov Square), there is an old building of the late 18th century, which had a happy destiny to carry the enlightenment mission. Over the two centuries, it housed various institutions such as the Main Public School, the Olonets Men’s Gymnasium, the Labor Palace, the Public Library, the Pioneer Palace, and the Culture Academy. The museum hosts a collection of works of Russian art, from ancient icon paintings of the 15th century to the works by contemporary artists, as well as several works of foreign art. Today, the collection of the museum has about 16,000 items.
National Museum of Karelia
A walk from Fregat to the National Museum of Karelia will not take more than 10-15 minutes. The National Museum was founded in 1871 and is one of the oldest museums in the North-West of Russia.The museum’s collection (over 225,000 items) presents nature, archeology and history of the region and the city of Petrozavodsk, as well as the traditional culture of Russians, Karelians and Vepsians.The museum is located in the former residence of the Olonets governor. The National Museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions. Much attention is paid to the unique nature of Karelia, fauna and archaeological finds, especially petroglyphs – the ancient rock carvings. Located next to the National Museum of Karelia is the Governor's Park is a place of rest for citizens. It differs from other parks in Petrozavodsk due to its broad collection of attractions.
Ruskeala Marble canyon
The park is one of the main attractions of Karelia. This is an amazing combination of marble mountains, turquoise lakes and lush greenery. Looking around the neighborhood, it is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago this place was an ordinary tunnel, where marble was mined in the most difficult conditions.Location - 250 km from Petrozavodsk